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The MeldRx Developer Portal is the front door to building integrated Health IT applications. From this portal, you will be able to manage, configure, and test all of your applications.


To get started, register for a new Developer account at


A Workspace is an isolated billable unit of infrastructure. A MeldRx Workspace is your key to for managing healthcare data and connectivity. Link to an EHR such as Epic or create a new FHIR compliant workspace from scratch. Each workspace comes equipped with a MeldRx Data Vault, which enables a stunning host of possibilities including intelligent routing and storage of enriched data that can co-exist alongside EHR data when write actions are not supported. As a developer of applications, you can provision a workspace for the following use cases:

  • Dedicated FHIR API for CRUDS operations.
  • Extending other FHIR API's, to perhaps enable creating new resources if it's forbidden by default.
  • Persist FHIR, blob or structured data in a "data vault".
  • Make CCDA documents available from a FHIR API.


Your App is a powerful platform designed to connect SMART on FHIR applications, making the integration with various EHR and other systems effortless and secure. By provding a streamlined process for entering linked app details and setting up authentication methods, it ensures a seamless setup experience.

Linked Apps

Linked apps provide a mechanism for you to manage your application credentials for other EHRs. Once you have entered your app credentials as Linked Apps, you can then forget them and work strictly with your MeldRx App.