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MeldRx is an integrated platform for developers to build, test, and launch healthcare apps.
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Do you have a great idea for an app but need help to get it off the ground? Introducing MeldRx the future of modern healthcare app development. Think of MeldRx as your digital playground where all aspects of healthcare app development have been carefully melded into one platform. We handle the technical complexities like SMART on FHIR authentication, flexible data hosting, and enterprise-grade security so you can focus on unlocking the potential of real-time, connected data through our FHIR-compliant APIs.
Explore the Unrivaled Power of MeldRx
A Developer's Best Friend
Beyond FHIR compliant APIs, MeldRx presents a versatile platform that transforms ideas into solutions. With diverse interfaces, it's your toolkit for innovation and success. Get started with a free MeldRx Sandbox Workspace today.
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MeldRx's linked workspaces bridge healthcare systems effortlessly. This seamless integration unlocks unprecedented collaboration, allowing providers to access and share vital information like never before.
Your Apps, Your Way
Amplify your MeldRx Workspace with tailored apps, and seamlessly extend development across top EHRs like Epic, Cerner, and AthenaHealth. Unlock innovation in healthcare connectivity.
Fine-Grained Access
With MeldRx, tailor access to resources, data, or workspaces by creating specific roles. From administrators to patients, customize collaboration and control in a way that works for you.
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Seen enough? Reserve your MeldRx Workspace today. Free to get started, no credit card required.
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Click below to learn more about how MeldRx safeguards your data with modern authentication, enterprise-grade encryption, and industry-standard security and privacy controls.
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