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Here are some hints to help you get started.

I'm interested in understanding more about MeldRx
Check out our MeldRx Overview for an introduction to the features and capabilities of the MeldRx platform.

You can also check out our Demo Apps to check out some of the awesome apps that have been built using the MeldRx platform. Many of them are open source and can be used as templates to build new apps!

I am just getting started and have no idea how to use MeldRx
Check out our guides for complete walkthroughs on how to configure MeldRx and get started with your first app.

I have a MeldRx account and I'm ready to create an app
Check out the create-meldrx-app in our getting started section. This tool will let you bootstrap a new MeldRx app that you can customize however you'd like.

I am having trouble figuring out how to test my app with an EHR
You might be interested in our EHR Reference Guides, which provide helpful hints to get you started.