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What is MeldRx?

MeldRx is a platform through which healthcare data can be stored, managed, and accessed through a variety of APIs. The platform is suitable for use by healthcare organizations for managing their patient data. Applications may be built on top of the platform to further enhance its utility.

At a high level, MeldRx consists of the following components:

  1. Data Vault At the core of the MeldRx Workspace lies a robust Data Vault - a secure haven for your application's data assets. Developers gain the assurance of industry-leading compliance standards, facilitating the seamless management of sensistive healthcare data while adhering to privacy and security regulations.
  1. APIs Forge unparalleled connections with the world through the MeldRx Workspace's forward-facing APIs. Our developer-friendly ecosystem enables you to swiftly design, deploy, and manage your applications, giving them the power to seamlessly interact with external systems and services.

  2. Identity Management In the world of digital identities, the MeldRx Workspace empowers developers with a dynamic Identity Management System. This system allows for effortless user authentication, authorization, and access control, providing your application with an impenetrable security layer. Our Identity Management System allows for seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) with external health systems so your users only need to login once to get started.

  1. Apps Apps can be built on top of MeldRx to further enhance the system and widen its capabilities.

MeldRx Components

Who Uses MeldRx?

Health Systems

Health Systems, such as hospitals and clinics, can use MeldRx as a way of managing the data of their patient population and meeting all regulatory requirements.


Clinicians can benefit from MeldRx by having a platform to document critical patient information and through which patients can share other health data. They also have access an entire app ecosystem from which they can install apps that may help them better care for their patients or have custom apps built if they are not happy with the ones that are available.


Patients can use MeldRx to access and manage their personal health data. They can aggregate health data from multiple organizations (health systems, insurance companies, etc.) Patients are able to share their health data with others, such as clinicians and researchers. And patients can use patient-facing SMART-on-FHIR apps to better understand their health data.

App Developers

MeldRx enables developers to build integrated healthcare applications. Developers can build apps targeted toward patients, clinicians, or administrative users, payers, etc.

MeldRx provides a mechanism for developers to connect to external (non-MeldRx) FHIR sources like other EHRs and build apps that integrate with them.


Researchers may receive patient data for use in a research study.


Payers can receive patient data for use in claims analysis or onboarding a new member.

What's up with the bunny? 🐇

Imagine diving into the tech wilderness, where the old ways meet the new school of thought. This isn't just any brainstorming spot; it's where healthcare's big questions meet the fresh breeze of tech innovation. Here, MeldRx is at the forefront, showing us that blending the complexities of healthcare with tech can be as seamless and fun as a day in the park.

Healthcare can feel like a fortress, right? Wrapped in regulations and packed with technical speak. But we figured, why not mix it up? Keep the essentials, but bring in some fresh air. With our approachable spirit and a dash of creativity, we're all about linking that traditional healthcare vibe with a sprinkle of fun.

Innovation doesn't have a fixed address. It could spark from a developer in a buzzing tech hub, a doctor in a bustling clinic, or someone just kicking back at home. We're here to say, "Come on in, the water's fine." With the spirit of our bunny mascot, diving into SMART on FHIR apps with MeldRx isn't just productive – it's downright enjoyable.

We believe in the magic that happens when creativity is let loose in an atmosphere brimming with joy. That's the essence of our platform. It's about breaking barriers, making everything as welcoming and open as the fields our bunny loves to explore. Where serious meets inventive, where growth and agility dance with a hint of playfulness, all while keeping our focus on the people we serve.

Our bunny's tales are more than just stories. They symbolize our commitment to making healthcare tech accessible, engaging, and meaningful. It's our way of saying that even in the critical world of healthcare, there's space for joy, innovation, and a bunny that leads the way to a brighter, healthier tomorrow.