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Create An App with Epic

  1. Create an account on
  2. Go to "Build Apps" and configure your app

Backend Apps

For backend apps, follow the instructions here to generate a key pair Or, run the following commands:

  • openssl genrsa -out /path_to_key/privatekey.pem 2048
  • openssl req -new -x509 -key /path_to_key/privatekey.pem -out /path_to_key/publickey509.pem -subj '/CN=myapp'

Patient/Clinician Apps

For patient/clinician apps, you need to specify a redirect URL. If MeldRx is managing your connections, you should specify your redirect URL as {MeldRxAuthUrl}/sof-callback


  • It can take up to 24 hours for your Client ID to activate
  • It's recommended to make an app specifically for testing in addition to an app you'll use for production

Sandbox Details

Sample Patients

  • Jason Argonaut
    • MRN: 203675
    • First Name: Jason
    • Last Name: Argonaut
    • Date of Birth: 1985-08-01
    • Gender: M
    • Home Phone: 608-555-5555
  • Jessica Argonaut
    • MRN: E3977
    • First Name: Jessica
    • Last Name: Argonaut
    • Date of Birth: 1985-08-01
  • Theodore MyChart
    • MRN: 202500
    • First Name: Theodore
    • Last Name: MyChart
    • Date of Birth: 1948-07-07

Sample Logins

  • Patient Portal: fhircamila / epicepic1
  • Patient Portal: fhirjason / epicepic1
  • Patient Portal: fhirderrick / epicepic1
  • Patient Portal: fhirdaisy / epicepic1
  • Patient Portal: fhirdesiree / epicepic1
  • Patient Portal: fhirelijah / epicepic1
  • EHR: FHIR / EpicFhir11!