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BlueButtonPRO is now MeldRx

Originally created on Monday June 10, 2024

We are transitioning the "BlueButtonPRO" branding on our apps to "MeldRx". Our certification modules and contracts with EHRs will still continue to leverage the "BlueButtonPRO" naming, but in our app, we are slowly phasing out any references to "BlueButtonPRO".

Why are you doing this?

In efforts to create a streamlined experience for all of our users, we think it will be simpler to refer to our products simply as "MeldRx". We have carried the "BlueButtonPRO" name with us for many years now, but as we continue to consolidate our product offering, we feel it is time to move on from the "BlueButtonPRO" naming.

What changes should I expect?

In the immediate term, you will have noticed a streamlined login and onboarding experience. We removed the MeldRx launch pad which historically had 3 separate login buttons for BlueButtonPRO, Command Center, MyMipsScore. We have converged all of these into a single login experience. For BlueButtonPRO EHR users and MyMeldRx users, this experience has been drastically streamlined and should hopefully get you where you're going with less confusion. For MyMipsScore users, the login button can be found at the bottom of the main login screen. For developers / "Command Center" users, we are also phasing out the "Command Center" naming and simply referring to the exerpience as "MeldRx".

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via